9 Most Genius Products we’ve found on the Internet

In the old time, internet was all about browsing videos, songs, pictures etc. But now, with the time changing, various other stuffs can be done with the help of internet. We can call our friends and families, or can see them live or can go live ourselves and can do much more stuffs.

One of the most important and essential stuff that can be done with the help of internet is shopping. Earlier we used to buy our daily stuffs from nearby stores and sops. But there are various things which we cannot get from local nearby stores. In those cases, internet shopping comes to the aid. Various types of items are available on the internet and here is the list of 9 most genius products that can be found and bought from the internet –

1. BottleLoft by Strong Like Bull Magnets

The first on the list will be the super strong magnetic strips which are specially designed to hold your beer bottles, ketchup bottles, or any other bottles with metal caps off the shelves. The only thing you have to do is to stick the adhesive part of the holder to the bottom of any shelf, or the bottom of any tray in your refrigerator, and your bottles will hang down firmly! This will save much of your space!


2. Bondic – Liquid Plastic Welder

The next on the list is a liquid plastic melding tool which can join any type of product or wire or item that is broken. May it be any utensil, or any glass item or any wire, just a ray of light and you are done. It comes in a duo of a gum and a UV light, which claims to be water-proof, heat resistant and non-toxic. And it can be painted upon later as well! It can join plastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramic and many more within seconds.


3. Rapid Drink Chiller

Next n the list will be a cool gadget that can make any hot drink cold within seconds, without adding water or ice to the drink. Isn’t it wonderful? It is basically a cup in which any non-carbonated drink can be turned ice cold without diluting the taste. So, you can pour in any non-carbonated drink, like coffee, wine, beer or anything, and get it ready to drink ice cool without even adding ice or water! And the best part is that it is designed to fit under almost every type of coffee maker.


4. The next item on the list doesn’t let you take any tension of growing plants outside your home when you are living in a desert or Iceland! The AeroGarden is a device which is counter-sized and lets you grow plants inside your house without any difficulty. The device comes with energy-efficient LED grow lights which play the role of sunlight, and there is an alarm which will remind you when to feed and water the plants. And you also get Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, mint, thyme, Thai basil and Miracle-Gro plant food with it for free!


5. Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug

When we have already talked about drinks, here is another one which will blow up your mind. The Cauldryn travel coffee mug is a mug which allows you to keep your drinks hot or cool all day long!

The cup comes with in-built battery which needs to be charged, and you are ready to go to a trek, or a mountain, or a desert! It has a blender which can chop the ice to make your drink cool, and also allows you to set your own temperature, whether you want to drink hot coffee or cold tea. You can also control it with your phone in one click by just installing the app and boom!


6. MPOWERD Luci Pro Series

Let’s now talk about some lighting stuffs. The next item is a compatible rechargeable solar powered light, which can be inflated or deflated as well!

The MPOWERD Luci Pro Series is a compatible solar torch which can be inflated or deflated and carried to any place in your bag. It can be charged within two hours through USB port or can be kept in the sun for 14 hours and a single charge can last up to nearly 50 hours of usage time. So charge it once, and fold it up in your bag, and then open it to light up any cave you are staying in!


7. This item is going to make all those women happy who are fans of makeup. The Luxe brush cleaner is designed to clean any of your makeup brush within seconds, and uses some water, soap and electricity for charging!

The Luxe brush cleaner works just like a car wash. Use any makeup brush, and then mix some water and anti-bacterial soap in a jar and use the brush cleaner. Attach your brush to the corresponding holder of your size and then wash it, and dry it simultaneously. There are eight holders of different sizes to suit any size of brush.


8. The people who love drinking wine or champagne and want to preserve the rest, this one is for you. The Coravin Model Two preservation system is for those who want to preserve their expensive drinks safely for a long time. There are many cool gadgets for couple who haven’t met each other for long time, for example long distance touch lamps for couple.

The Model two helps you to pour the wine or champagne without even opening the cork. The specially designed Teflon coated wine needle is gentle on the cork and allows smooth and quick pouring of the drink. The pack also includes ultra-pure argon gas (99. 99%) Coravin capsules which ensures that no argon gas is released from the bottle and that your drink stays fresh and ready-to-drink even after many years.


9. This one is for those people who have our un-invited guests – named mosquitoes – in large number and want to get rid of’em in a snap!

Yeah you must have all those sort of repellant coils and liquids, but if you are sitting outside in your porch, what will you do? The Halo mosquito repeller comes in hand then. This is an all-natural mosquito repellant device which has DEET-free formulae made of chrysanthemum plants – it repels certain kinds of bugs and insects – and can be used anywhere. Just heat up the natural repellent soaked mat and you are the next Thanos!


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Top 5 Essential Exercises to reduce Belly Fat


With the load on our shoulders increasing daily with new responsibilities, having a healthy body shape is really necessary for successful completion of all our works. Leave behind the work; we need to be healthy to live long and disease free. With an increase in the responsibilities and hours of tiring work, our appetite also increases. And we intake loads of food, thus making the fat accumulate in our body.

And belly fat is the most disgusting one of all. It makes you look bad, and also opens the door for various diseases like Diabetes and heart problems. So, why is this fat accumulating in out body? We need to know the reasons for this before knowing about the remedies. Also keep track of your weigh using weighing machines.

Here are the reasons why fat accumulates in our body (and belly!) –

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes taking place in our body are one of the biggest reasons behind the fat accumulation in our body. Hormonal imbalance may lead to increase in hunger and slow metabolism, leading to the deposition of fat around our body.


Many of us think that taking stress just makes us feel tensed and does nothing else. But that notion is wrong. Increase in stress can increase the cortisol levels in our body leading to fat accumulation.


If you have obesity in your genes, coming from any of your family member, then you are naturally in the danger of having fat in your body.


Never ever think that having less sleep does no harm to your body. Less sleep increases the stress levels of your body thus increasing your appetite and the fat accumulation.

Sugary Foods

Sugar is a main reason behind the fat deposition. Intake of any kind of sugary food or beverages can lead to increase in fat accumulation in your body. Most of the sugary beverages contain added preservatives and chemicals, which can never be healthy for your body.

Low Fiber and protein diets

When you are on a diet, being on low protein diet will be more harmful than helpful. Proteins are the building blocks of our body; from muscles to hair, everything is about proteins. So deficiency of protein can lead to high stress and toxicity and slow metabolism, thus resulting in fat accumulation.

Similarly, diets with low fiber can also be dangerous as they give an invitation to fats in your body.

Inactive life style

Do not just go on foods only. Because being idle and inactive whole day is also a major reason for obesity. You always take food three times a day. So doing nothing and sitting idle will make the fats in the food accumulate in your body. Do exercises regularly.


For us, alcohol is a very necessary stuff when it comes to our stress relief. When we are sad, we go for alcohol. When we are happy, we need it or even if we are in tension, it helps. But we are unaware of the harm it causes to our body. Alcohol is broken down into sugar in our body, and excess sugar is converted into fat.


Women going through menopause undergo various hormonal changes and this may increase the cortisol level in the body thus depositing fat in their body.

Packaged fruit juice

We all think that consuming fruit drinks from outside deal not much damage to our body. But the truth is that the packaged fruit juices contain added preservatives, colors and chemicals which are main reason for the production of sugar in the body, thus depositing fat around the body.

So what needs to be done to get rid of this body fat? Along with a controlled and healthy diet, we also need to do exercises regularly as well. Here are top 5 exercises which can help in reducing the belly fat –



One of the best and most reliable exercises to go for to reduce belly fat is cycling. You can cycle daily for 45 minutes or an hour daily for a healthy start of the day. If you do not have a bicycle, you can still do the bicycle exercise. Just lay down on your back, put both your hands behind your head and then bend your legs till the knees. Next bring one leg close to your chest and keep the other one down. Repeat this with alternating legs for about half-an-hour straight.

Walking, Jogging or running


Along with a healthy diet, running can be really helpful in burning belly fat. Running for about an hour daily can work wonders in losing calories. And if not running, you can very well go for jogging. Jogging is basically running at a very slow pace. And it is almost as effective as running! Or you can also walk at a steady pace daily morning to burn calories.



There is no other exercise which can burn belly fat faster and better than crunches. A few proper sets of crunches daily can make your belly fat disappear in weeks. Lay down on the floor straight and put your hands behind your head or crossed on your chest. Inhale deeply and then as you lift the upper torso off the floor, exhale. Do the same for about ten times (if you are a beginner). Slowly increase the number of crunches you do.

Mountain Climber


In this exercise, you have to assume yourself as a mountain climber. This form of exercise is also known as mini crunches.

At first, come in pushup position, but don’t lie down. Keep both your hands vertical to your shoulders and then bring one of your leg off the ground. Then bring the same knee to your chest and then tap it back on the ground. Do the same for alternative legs for 10 times if you are a beginner.

Twist Crunches


When you have mastered normal crunches, you should go for twist crunches. It is the same crunches but with a little variation.

Twist crunches are like your regular crunches. But in twist crunches, you have to lift the right shoulder towards your left, keeping the left torso on the ground. Do this for 10 times a set and three sets per day if you are a beginner.…

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7 Keys to Writing Killer Facebook Posts That Bring Clicks


Social media in this modern era has become a great necessity in everybody’s life. We can know all what is going in somebody’s life through his social media handles. Social media is a great source to know someone who you cannot contact personally or physically. And, it is a great platform to share the experiences you have in your life!

Among all social media platforms, Facebook has grown up to become the greatest one. It has about 2 billion active users everyday and it has left Twitter and Instagram far behind, with 700 million and 300 million users respectively. And with such a big user interface, Facebook has become the biggest and worthiest platform when it comes to advertisement and all those stuffs.

About one third of the users engage in brands every day. This means that about 60 million businesses have their own Facebook pages and are ready to promote themselves with their posts. And likes, shares and comments on those posts will help to spread the information about them. So, if you have any plans of joining one of them or creating a page for your own business, then you have to prepare something killer and unique. Because 60 million people have the same thinking that you are having right now!


Here are 7 key points which you should keep in mind before you write a Facebook post. You want to make it killer and want likes and shares, right? Take a look at these –

Start with a catchy beginning

Imagine yourself swiping through various posts on Facebook. What kind of post will you read? Something which looks eye-catchy. People don’t have time to read every post they see on the page. The first thing that attracts them is the heading or the beginning. People swipe through 10 posts and read one of them, because that one looks promising.

So try to make your start a catchy one, which will hook people and make them click and read more. Try to give your post feelings; give them their own emotions and personal feelings. Use various kinds of emoticons instead of words and give them a look with a kind of shock and mystery. And expect people to come to the post.

Try to give as much reality as you can

Facebook posts are all about the reality they have in them. Most of the people who open Facebook at any time do not know what they want to see. At that moment, your posts can be their reason of attraction.

We all know that humans are emotional. They get attracted to those who have emotions in them. I am not telling you to manipulate them. Just try to give some emotions to your posts, make your posts and stories look real. Facebook recommends people according their choice and what they have seen in the recent times. So, make your posts real and give them emotions.


Don’t make your posts look dull

Never ever try to make your posts seem boring. If you have a catchy heading but the rest of the post is dull, then people are not going to read your posts again. Tell them your stories, the challenges you have faced, the problems and solutions of your life and all that. After a tiring day, no one is going to look at any boring ads or any research or any lectures stuff. All they need is something spicy.

You can make a Facebook poll and ask people questions. Studies show that posts containing questions get 95% more comments than the non-question ones. And if you have something interesting to ask, and use some emoticons, be sure to get 104% of attention!

One thesis per post

While writing a post, always follow the rule of “one thesis per post”. People are very lazy and they are never going to read posts containing long information or details about discounts on any product or anything like that.

Make a post with pin point info. If you telling about something or informing about any product, take up one main point and discuss about it. Don’t make people get lost in hundreds of ideas and forget your prior point. And also ask for their suggestions, as this will bring more comments on your post.


Write short, not novels!

As mentioned earlier, people are very lazy and never going to read long posts. They need short and on-point information. So, try to think like a professional writer. They never publish the complete story they have written. They filter the story and compress it and then upload. And you have to do the same.

Use simple words and make your paragraphs and sentences short, as short as possible!

Bring a positive from amidst a negative one

It is true that negativity is not good for health. But, in this case, the negativity in your posts can also attract the audience. Did not get it? Why do most of you like the villains in the films? Why are most of you fans of Thanos and Joker when they are the negative characters?

Got it now? Sometimes negativity can also attract people to read your posts. Now, since people like reading stories and experiences, tell them about your problems and challenges that you faced in your life. But, never end your post with negativity. Always end it with positivity. Give solutions to problems and ways to challenges.


Create a story

People always read those posts which are thrilling and are stories. So, always make your posts some kind of story icing. Compose your posts as thrilling mysteries, or rom-com or any humorous content. That doesn’t mean that you will make it too long. Keep it short. Divide your complete story into parts and upload them one by one. This will make people wonder about what is next. And, never forget to add videos and visuals to your story, as 90% of humans are visual beings!…

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8 Amazing Street Food Markets You Have To Visit in London

London is a foodies dream because this place packs so many fantastic food markets and stores which you will love for yourself. This place is a coven for foodies, and it packs a lot of flavors and punches right inside your mouth. With the aid of this article, you will know the 8 Amazing Street Food Markets You Have To Visit In London, which you can ultimately try out. It is a place through which you can find peace while you are tasting the dishes panned out here, from the streets. And keep it in mind that these do not run in your everyday management too because you might gain a ton of fat from these foods, even though they taste excellent.

8 Amazing Street Food Markets You Have To Visit in London

Here are the 8 Amazing Street Food Markets You Have To Visit In London that you need to try out when you are there.

Go to the borough market

Assorted Vegetable Lot

This is one of the first markets where you can collect all the food that you want to have, which are mouth smacking amazing. Borough Market has been the heart of London for a few years now. There are around so many dishes which you can try out here. This place has been the heart of London for 1000 years now, and this is why this place is so amazing. The spirit of this place lies in the fantastic food that you can get from here. There are nearby pubs and joints which are here at this place. There are thousands of stalls like cheese, olive, meat, fruits and vegetables and chocolates. The timings of these places are pretty much flexible and come with a perfect hit too.

Hit the Camden Market

If you have not been to the Camden market, then you cannot call yourself a self-acclaimed foodie. It is a foodies dream to visit this place because there are so many items that you can get from here. And this place is famous because the famous singer called Amy Winehouse has said that she wanted to have a good try out here and in the right way. This is the place where she filmed a lot of her music videos too. If you want the famous British Croissant, then come here with your friends.

Go to the Leather Lane Market

Selective Focus Photography of Vegetables in Basket

Another food joint for the foodies out there, the Leather Lane Market is a perfect place where you can have a dish of your own choice. There is meat, cheese, pasta, and even altogether at the same plate. The goodness of the chicken which is served here is completely well managed for you so that you can have a delicious meal at the end of the day or if you want to hold out an office meeting as well. There are choices which you can try out here and have a good time with your friends or family if you are vacationing.

Greenwich Market serves you the key

It is a potent market present in London, which helps you with a lot of food items that you want. There are the tightly packed and sealed meats that you can get from this place. Plus there are well-known joints which you and your friend can try out as well. The best thing about this market is that all of the meats can be cooked using a sous vide machine as well.

Partridge Food Market

Vegetable Lot

If you are located in London and have not tried the Partridge food market, then you are entirely missing out on something big. This fantastic local joint will help you to have a good street food binge eat session, which you will love. It is a perfect place where your heart and mind can meet with the delicious dishes which are served around here. It is an excellent place to have your lunch or if you have skipped your dinner.

Maltby Street Market is the answer too

Another food market which you need to visit when in London is the Maltby street market. This market space is smaller in nature, but what you will love from here is the deliciousness of the items which are served right there for you. This is a fantastic place to have a good time while you are drinking and partying.

White Cross Street market

Woman Standing Beside Pineapple Fruits

If you want to have a cheaper rate of foods at a reasonable and flavored management, then the White cross street market is the one for you. This fantastic food place is the place of a lot of food joints and pubs which you can locate from all around. There are stalls in this area which are established and extremely budget-friendly as well.

Brockley Market

Another market that comes to the last of the 8 Amazing Street Food Markets You Have To Visit In London, you need to try this one out to know what it feels like to have the real taste of London. This fantastic market is entirely made for the tourist and their attraction and a perfect place to rest if you are roaming for a long day.

These are the 8 Amazing Street Food Markets You Have To Visit In London. Once you have got your joint, you can try out the delicious items which they produce with your friends and even your families. It will be perfect for you since it can help you to have fun and at the same time, make you fall in love with the taste served by London.…

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