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Faber-Castell Fountain Pen Writing Prec. Resin Black M

Faber-Castell Fountain Pen

  • Type=Joint-stock company
  • ISINDE0006286537
  • Industry=Stationery
  • Founded=1761; 259 years ago
  • Revenue=€887 million (2005)
  • Number of employees=6,500 (2006)


  • Faber castle is one of the largest manufacturers of pens and pencils. Faber castell was founded in 1761 and is one of the largest companies in the world. It is a stationery manufacturing company.
  • Fabric castle does business in hundred-plus countries and has more than 10,000 employees.
  • Artist prefers Faber-castell due to their premium finish and out-of-the-box quality. They are famous for their old ethical design and minimalistic approach.
  • It has a premium matte finish over the surrounding. It comes with three types of the tip, including a fountain pen tip.
  • The suggestion is made from stainless steel and has a black finish to it. The ink is replaceable and has a decent black tone amount to it.
  • In the designing section, it is very comfortable to hold and work.
  • Faber Castell has done a great job while designing this minimalistic ink pen. The pen holder tape is made from rubber plastic and has a durable finish to it. It has a drip-drop technology, which won’t let the ink out of the tip.
  • It also comes with the shaft, which has a particular resistance from abs and auto ink flow.
  • It also comes with the black 3D printing over the surface, making it look decent and minimal.
  • It also has a spring-loaded metal clay, which can help you to keep it in your pocket.
  • The bell balanced handle has a comfortable riding posture, which can help you write for a long time without even hurting your finger.

Classmate Octane Fountain Pen and Ink Cartridge

Classmate Octane Fountain Pen

  • Industry=Consumer goods
  • Founded=2003
  • Headquarters=Kolkata, India
  • Area served=India
  • Key people=Shailendra Tyagi (CEO)
  • Products=stationary
  • Art stationery
  • Parent=ITC Limited


  • Classmate is an Indian manufacturing company dealing with stationery. They were filled in 2003 and dealt with mid-range stationary objects. They affordably make notebooks, pencils, and pens. Classmate is a parent company from ITC limited.
  • Classmate octane series is famous among kids due to its affordability and build in class. Classmate octane is priced from 10 rupees to 100 rupees. The pens are made in India.
  • Classmate octane series pens are also affordable and have a premium build quality to them. They have a refill cartridge that can be used on the pen when the ink’s gone.
  • In the designing section, it has its polymer plastic finish with stainless steel without a color tip.
  • It has a dual-tone finish with a blue and orange variant. Octane series has a different logo on the panel saying octane.
  • An octane fountain pen is available in 13 textures and color and is readily available on any stationery shop.

Parker Vector Standard Fountain Pen Chrome Trim Fine Nib with 3 Free Ink Cart | Body Color – Blue | Ink Color – Blue

Parker Vector Standard Fountain Pen


  • They make a premium range of pens and pencils. Parker pen was founded in 1882 by George Parker. Parker pens headquarter is located in France. Parker has a pairing brain known as Newell brands.
  • Parker vector standard fountain pen is one of the affordable range of fountain pens. It is available in 13 different textures.
  • It has a premium built to them. The pen has a dual-tone finish with a silver lining on the edges.
  • It has a blue coating on the holding end. It has a plastic finish over the center and a stainless silver finish on the rear.
  • Parker pens have stood out clip holders, which ensures the pen’s brand. It has two years of warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • It is lightweight and weighs around 10 grams due to the light craft material used. The pen is a bundle with three cartridges.

Pierre Cardin Micra Fountain Pen Pack Of Single Pen

Pierre Cardin Micra Fountain Pen


  • Pierre Cardin is an Italian designer born on July 2, 1922. Mere Karan is famous for his Italian finish and manufacturing techniques. The bakery started making stationery in 1966 and has over 10,000 products.
  • It is preferred by most of the arrests due to its premium quality and materials.
  • Pierre Cardin micro fountain pen has a small but premium finish. It has a golden tip and a plastic body.
  • It comes with four cartridges, which can be used when you need them. The writing tip is made from stainless steel from France and has a premium roller tip on the front.
  • The fountain pen is lightweight due to the material they use. The design is inspired by the architecture of Paris and has a minimalistic finish to it.
  • In the designing section, it has a small edgy finish.
  • It has a dual-tone white and black finish on the body. It comes with a smooth and holding tape and has a well-built tip.
  • It is a perfect gift for a teacher or a student. It is available on any authentic stationery shop or online web portals.

Camlin Kokuyo Trinity Fountain Pen with 3-in-1 Mechanism (Color may vary)

  • Formerly=Dandekar &Co.Camlin Ltd.
  • Type=Public (BSE: 523207)
  • Industry=Stationery
  • FateAgreement with Kokuyo Co. Ltd. of Japan to share profits (2012)
  • Founded1931; 89 years ago
  • HeadquartersMumbai, India
  • Area served= South Asia
  • Key people=Dilip Dandekar (Chairman & Managing Director) [2]
  • Products= Art materials, writing implements, office products
  • Website=


  • Camlin Kokuyo trinity fountain pen is one of the most famous fountain pens in India.
  • It provides good holding body, and finish.
  • It is a dual-tone finish with a golden and sky blue metallic joint finish. It also has a unicellular holding tip.
  • Camlin has built with a minimalistic approach with a rocket design.
  • It has a built-in uni cellular fountain tip.
  • You can get more accessories and use this pen as a calligraphy pen as well.


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