Social media in this modern era has become a great necessity in everybody’s life. We can know all what is going in somebody’s life through his social media handles. Social media is a great source to know someone who you cannot contact personally or physically. And, it is a great platform to share the experiences you have in your life!

Among all social media platforms, Facebook has grown up to become the greatest one. It has about 2 billion active users everyday and it has left Twitter and Instagram far behind, with 700 million and 300 million users respectively. And with such a big user interface, Facebook has become the biggest and worthiest platform when it comes to advertisement and all those stuffs.

About one third of the users engage in brands every day. This means that about 60 million businesses have their own Facebook pages and are ready to promote themselves with their posts. And likes, shares and comments on those posts will help to spread the information about them. So, if you have any plans of joining one of them or creating a page for your own business, then you have to prepare something killer and unique. Because 60 million people have the same thinking that you are having right now!


Here are 7 key points which you should keep in mind before you write a Facebook post. You want to make it killer and want likes and shares, right? Take a look at these –

Start with a catchy beginning

Imagine yourself swiping through various posts on Facebook. What kind of post will you read? Something which looks eye-catchy. People don’t have time to read every post they see on the page. The first thing that attracts them is the heading or the beginning. People swipe through 10 posts and read one of them, because that one looks promising.

So try to make your start a catchy one, which will hook people and make them click and read more. Try to give your post feelings; give them their own emotions and personal feelings. Use various kinds of emoticons instead of words and give them a look with a kind of shock and mystery. And expect people to come to the post.

Try to give as much reality as you can

Facebook posts are all about the reality they have in them. Most of the people who open Facebook at any time do not know what they want to see. At that moment, your posts can be their reason of attraction.

We all know that humans are emotional. They get attracted to those who have emotions in them. I am not telling you to manipulate them. Just try to give some emotions to your posts, make your posts and stories look real. Facebook recommends people according their choice and what they have seen in the recent times. So, make your posts real and give them emotions.


Don’t make your posts look dull

Never ever try to make your posts seem boring. If you have a catchy heading but the rest of the post is dull, then people are not going to read your posts again. Tell them your stories, the challenges you have faced, the problems and solutions of your life and all that. After a tiring day, no one is going to look at any boring ads or any research or any lectures stuff. All they need is something spicy.

You can make a Facebook poll and ask people questions. Studies show that posts containing questions get 95% more comments than the non-question ones. And if you have something interesting to ask, and use some emoticons, be sure to get 104% of attention!

One thesis per post

While writing a post, always follow the rule of “one thesis per post”. People are very lazy and they are never going to read posts containing long information or details about discounts on any product or anything like that.

Make a post with pin point info. If you telling about something or informing about any product, take up one main point and discuss about it. Don’t make people get lost in hundreds of ideas and forget your prior point. And also ask for their suggestions, as this will bring more comments on your post.


Write short, not novels!

As mentioned earlier, people are very lazy and never going to read long posts. They need short and on-point information. So, try to think like a professional writer. They never publish the complete story they have written. They filter the story and compress it and then upload. And you have to do the same.

Use simple words and make your paragraphs and sentences short, as short as possible!

Bring a positive from amidst a negative one

It is true that negativity is not good for health. But, in this case, the negativity in your posts can also attract the audience. Did not get it? Why do most of you like the villains in the films? Why are most of you fans of Thanos and Joker when they are the negative characters?

Got it now? Sometimes negativity can also attract people to read your posts. Now, since people like reading stories and experiences, tell them about your problems and challenges that you faced in your life. But, never end your post with negativity. Always end it with positivity. Give solutions to problems and ways to challenges.


Create a story

People always read those posts which are thrilling and are stories. So, always make your posts some kind of story icing. Compose your posts as thrilling mysteries, or rom-com or any humorous content. That doesn’t mean that you will make it too long. Keep it short. Divide your complete story into parts and upload them one by one. This will make people wonder about what is next. And, never forget to add videos and visuals to your story, as 90% of humans are visual beings!