With the load on our shoulders increasing daily with new responsibilities, having a healthy body shape is really necessary for successful completion of all our works. Leave behind the work; we need to be healthy to live long and disease free. With an increase in the responsibilities and hours of tiring work, our appetite also increases. And we intake loads of food, thus making the fat accumulate in our body.

And belly fat is the most disgusting one of all. It makes you look bad, and also opens the door for various diseases like Diabetes and heart problems. So, why is this fat accumulating in out body? We need to know the reasons for this before knowing about the remedies. Also keep track of your weigh using weighing machines.

Here are the reasons why fat accumulates in our body (and belly!) –

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes taking place in our body are one of the biggest reasons behind the fat accumulation in our body. Hormonal imbalance may lead to increase in hunger and slow metabolism, leading to the deposition of fat around our body.


Many of us think that taking stress just makes us feel tensed and does nothing else. But that notion is wrong. Increase in stress can increase the cortisol levels in our body leading to fat accumulation.


If you have obesity in your genes, coming from any of your family member, then you are naturally in the danger of having fat in your body.


Never ever think that having less sleep does no harm to your body. Less sleep increases the stress levels of your body thus increasing your appetite and the fat accumulation.

Sugary Foods

Sugar is a main reason behind the fat deposition. Intake of any kind of sugary food or beverages can lead to increase in fat accumulation in your body. Most of the sugary beverages contain added preservatives and chemicals, which can never be healthy for your body.

Low Fiber and protein diets

When you are on a diet, being on low protein diet will be more harmful than helpful. Proteins are the building blocks of our body; from muscles to hair, everything is about proteins. So deficiency of protein can lead to high stress and toxicity and slow metabolism, thus resulting in fat accumulation.

Similarly, diets with low fiber can also be dangerous as they give an invitation to fats in your body.

Inactive life style

Do not just go on foods only. Because being idle and inactive whole day is also a major reason for obesity. You always take food three times a day. So doing nothing and sitting idle will make the fats in the food accumulate in your body. Do exercises regularly.


For us, alcohol is a very necessary stuff when it comes to our stress relief. When we are sad, we go for alcohol. When we are happy, we need it or even if we are in tension, it helps. But we are unaware of the harm it causes to our body. Alcohol is broken down into sugar in our body, and excess sugar is converted into fat.


Women going through menopause undergo various hormonal changes and this may increase the cortisol level in the body thus depositing fat in their body.

Packaged fruit juice

We all think that consuming fruit drinks from outside deal not much damage to our body. But the truth is that the packaged fruit juices contain added preservatives, colors and chemicals which are main reason for the production of sugar in the body, thus depositing fat around the body.

So what needs to be done to get rid of this body fat? Along with a controlled and healthy diet, we also need to do exercises regularly as well. Here are top 5 exercises which can help in reducing the belly fat –



One of the best and most reliable exercises to go for to reduce belly fat is cycling. You can cycle daily for 45 minutes or an hour daily for a healthy start of the day. If you do not have a bicycle, you can still do the bicycle exercise. Just lay down on your back, put both your hands behind your head and then bend your legs till the knees. Next bring one leg close to your chest and keep the other one down. Repeat this with alternating legs for about half-an-hour straight.

Walking, Jogging or running


Along with a healthy diet, running can be really helpful in burning belly fat. Running for about an hour daily can work wonders in losing calories. And if not running, you can very well go for jogging. Jogging is basically running at a very slow pace. And it is almost as effective as running! Or you can also walk at a steady pace daily morning to burn calories.



There is no other exercise which can burn belly fat faster and better than crunches. A few proper sets of crunches daily can make your belly fat disappear in weeks. Lay down on the floor straight and put your hands behind your head or crossed on your chest. Inhale deeply and then as you lift the upper torso off the floor, exhale. Do the same for about ten times (if you are a beginner). Slowly increase the number of crunches you do.

Mountain Climber


In this exercise, you have to assume yourself as a mountain climber. This form of exercise is also known as mini crunches.

At first, come in pushup position, but don’t lie down. Keep both your hands vertical to your shoulders and then bring one of your leg off the ground. Then bring the same knee to your chest and then tap it back on the ground. Do the same for alternative legs for 10 times if you are a beginner.

Twist Crunches


When you have mastered normal crunches, you should go for twist crunches. It is the same crunches but with a little variation.

Twist crunches are like your regular crunches. But in twist crunches, you have to lift the right shoulder towards your left, keeping the left torso on the ground. Do this for 10 times a set and three sets per day if you are a beginner.…

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