People get confused between Bluetooth earphones and earbuds. Even though both are Bluetooth enabled devices, the design aspect is different. With the basic functionality, they share similarities, but the use case and the design, Earphones and Earbuds are different. Planning for the Bluetooth earphones or the Truly Wireless earbuds is confusing when you know the difference between them. It’s quite simple as they both share the same fundamentals.

If you are willing to get the new Wireless earphone for personal usage, then you should check out the differences between the Bluetooth earphones and the Earbuds. Knowing the differences will help you make an informed decision to buy the right type of product that suits your needs. We faced the same issue while buying the earphones for our needs. So, we are sharing the major differences between Earphones and Earbuds in this post. All you have to do is to check them out and make an informed decision to choose the right type of wireless Bluetooth device which serves the purpose.

earphones vs earbuds

Differences Between Bluetooth Earphones and the Earbuds

As both of the Earphones and the Earbuds are Bluetooth devices, they use the same basic fundamentals. Here are a few fundamental differences between the Bluetooth earphones and the earbuds that will help you to choose the right one.

#1 – Portability

Portability is one of the aspects that differentiates wireless headphones. But even when they are wireless, the Neckband design earphones are pretty difficult to carry around. You have to keep them on your neck to carry them conveniently, as keeping them in your pocket risk disconnection of the cables. They are good if you only wear them around your neck all the time.

But with the good quality bluetooth Earbuds, you don’t have to worry about portability. Such earbuds are small in size and come without any cables. There is no cable hanging around. You can ear them directly in the ear. Also, you can carry them in your pocket without any safety issues. Most of the Bluetooth earbud brands are offering special protection cases, which are quite convenient to put in your pocket and roam around.

#2 – Pricing

The pricing is one of the biggest factors that many people ignore. This is one of the major differences between the Bluetooth earphone and the earbuds. With the extreme price difference, the Earbuds are pretty expensive compared to the Earphones. As the earphones consist of a bigger battery and bigger circuitry, they are easy to manufacture. That’s why they are pretty inexpensive.

But with the Bluetooth earbuds, which involves delicate circuitry and battery installation inside the earbud, it becomes pretty expensive. When it comes to age, earbuds technology is pretty new, making it more expensive than all other available options.

#3 – Battery Backup

As we said earlier, the Bluetooth earphones consist of bigger batteries. With the bigger battery, you get a longer backup time. But that’s not the case with the Bluetooth earbuds. They are pretty compact and have very small batteries. So, they provide very little battery backup.

Where the Bluetooth earphones provide nearly 10-12 hours of average backup, the Bluetooth earbuds last only for 4-6 hours on a single full charge. That’s the biggest difference. But when it comes to the charging method, the Bluetooth earphones are not easy to charge. They require the USB cable to charge for a few hours. But with the Bluetooth earbuds, you get the special carrying case, which works as the wireless charge. You just keep the earbuds in the carrying case, and it’ll charge your earbuds within a few minutes.

#4 – Purpose

The purpose or the use case is also one of the big differences between Bluetooth earphones and Bluetooth earbuds. With the Bluetooth earphones, you are expected to use them while you are doing physically intensive work. Be it the gym, exercise, running, or just walking around, you should use the neckband style Bluetooth wireless earphones.

But the Bluetooth earbuds are not suitable for physically intensive tasks. As they are just earbuds, they are mostly meant for relaxed moments. Be it a professional meeting, listening to music while traveling, or just consuming video content, the Bluetooth earbuds are suitable for everything, except while exercising of any kind.

Final Words

The Bluetooth earphones and the earbuds are pretty useful in almost every scenario. Instead of spending time untangling the wired earphone cables, you can easily wear and carry the Bluetooth earphones in your pocket. With the advent of new technology, it has become easier to reap more benefits from earphones and earbuds. These are a few differences between wireless earphones and truly wireless earbuds. If you had doubts, this post would clear it for you. If you still have any questions, please make sure to use the comment box below.